Asap Global Ltd was founded by a group of professionals and specialists in company formation in Cyprus. Our team is 100% dedicated to its clients and until today it has managed to keep all of its clients satisfied by providing 1st class services at very competitive prices. We guarantee fast and prompt corporate services; services that are tailored to the demands and needs of our clients.
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Cyprus Company Formation


1. Name

The approval of the name can take up to four working days. The general principle of the name should be such that a similar name does not exist, the name is not too general and does not contain words such as international, group etc. Please let us have a choice of two or three names, because the result is not certain, as there are about 150,000 registered names.

2. Share Capital

The minimum issue share capital is €1,000 for the type of the company you require. The share capital can be increase anytime in the future.

3. Shareholders

Each company need to have at least one shareholders. You can decide in which portion you wish to divide the shares. We need full names, address, nationality and the proportion of holding.

4. Direction and Secretary

Each company need  at least one director and a secretary. If there’s a sole director the same individual can be and a secretary too. If the secretary is not Cypriot then one of the directors must be Cypriot. We can provide the secretary and nominee directors as the client wishes.If our client wishes to have not Cypriots directors we can assist him to do so We advise our clients to appoint us as a secretary so we can be sure that all the secretarial work of a company is done and the company meetall the necessary requirements of the laws and procedures.

5. Registered Office

We usually provide through our office address, and this is by far the most convenient method of handling official correspondence with the authorities.

7. Nominee services

Our management company provides full nominee services such as shareholders, directors, company secretary and registered office.

By using nominees, you will keep your identity secret and no one can find out who is really behind the company.

8. Company documents

The documents of the company that we will provide to the shareholders are:

1. Memorandum and Articles of Association, in Greek (The Memorandum describes the scope of the intended corporate activities and the Articles contain the rights of members, the rules governing the internal management of the company, the duties of directors, borrowing powers etc.);  Certified Copy in English language will provide by us to non-Greek speaking shareholders.

2. Authorised and issued share capital. (English version).

3. Names, addresses, nationality and occupation of directors. (English version).

4. Address of registered office. (English version).

5. Name and address of the company secretary. (English version).

9. Bank accounts

You may open bank accounts anywhere in the world and in any currency. The Directors of the company will appoint the authorized signatories. Local banks include Hellenic Bank Ltd Piraeus Bank and Alpha Bank Ltd.

10. Taxation

Non resident are tax payable that are less the company’s net profit after all expenses is subject to 10% tax. Subsequent dividend paid to the shareholders is free from any further taxes, if the shareholder is non resident more than 182 days in Cyprus.

11. Duration

It will take approximately seven to ten working days to from the company.

12. Administration

We can provide you with full administration assistance for invoicing, collections, payments, telephone inquiries. We shall liaise with you by fax and obtain instructions.